Business Transformation Projects

Mostly using SAFe or DAD. Agile adoption or transformation?

How agile?

How much agile is the right amount for your organization?  We cannot tell you, but we can help you in assessing how agile your business and decision making currently is, and where you can create a positive impact. 

Knowing “how much” is often the starting point in transforming your organization. We are absolutely sure, it will be worth the effort. And it will be fun.

Design agile

You get to use an Agile Simulator® to help define the appropriate level of agility within your organization. The simulator uses best-practice examples, cases, agile methodologies and expert opinions from agile practitioners, so you get relevant help.  

We facilitate the blueprint development of your Agile delivery Model®.

Implement agile

Based on your organizations’ Agile delivery Model®, we help you define the organizational capabilities, value and supply chain interfaces, and the appropriate change management efforts. 

The elements of the Agile Delivery Model are operationalized in our training. We tailor to your context and detail capabilities, core competencies, and dependencies.

Want to know more?

You might want to know about the agile business transformation projects we’ve run, or you may want to share your experience about running agile projects and how you have been amazed by how much value you all created in a short period. Whatever the reason, just get in contact. We are happy to listen and exchange views and stories.