About us

Learn from us - fail fast

At Effix we have probably made almost any mistake you can make when running large projects or Release Trains. We have learnt to love the concept of “failing fast”. We have largely worked with transforming businesses and operational models, and lately done so using agile thinking and frameworks. You can produce great things fast, when you ensure that the right people can work under the right conditions.

We also keep ourselves up to date with new theory by enrolling in various certifications programmes, working as academic censors and with our sister company mentees.com where our mentors help students.

Challenges like this?

We are at our best leading and participating in projects that encompass business transformation, agile project management methods and Digitalization. We can help you out with all aspects, because we have tried it all and made mistakes – so you don’t have to.


We have years of combined experience in working with companies facing huge pressure in cutting cost to serve and lowering transaction costs while at the same time experiencing equally high pressure for maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction. 

When faced with conditions like that, bold decisions have to be made. We assist in making them and help you in carrying them out in a transformation project.

Implementing SAFe

We know how to implement SAFe and have experience in all aspects of the journey, including training, change management activities, RTE’s, DevOps and more. We are familiar with the framework and have a proven track record. 

You might want to know how to design and implement change management activities as these are not covered in the SAFe framework. We know how to make cultural change happen and to make it stick. 


Most of the projects we have led a have had the word digitalisation engraved somewhere in the mission. In later years it seems to be all about the D. Make your business digital – where it makes sense. And that is not everywhere. We can help you make a substantiated choice, based on analysis and lean business cases.

And if D is the word, we can help out. We have experience with both frontend and backend digitalisation.


Lars Eith


Charlotte Esmaralda Kamp