Measuring and implementing Agile

As your organization becomes agile, requirements, competences and ways of working change too. Program or Project manager roles are transformed or disappear. Adjustments of skills required as the responsibility for servant leadership is with the release train engineer and scrum master. Steering group settings and competence requirements on Portfolio or Program level are changed as epic owners, product management, product owner and agile business analyst roles forms new ways of working. A bit confused ? No need. We can help.

Look at our standard portfolio of training and courses

Training and Coaching

You or someone in your team might need expert coaching to overcome small challenges or get guidance on a particular Lean-Agile business subject. You get expert help in a fast and cost-efficient manner.


Maturity Assessments

Selection and implementation of Lean-Agile Maturity models is not a trivial task. There are many models with different benefits and suitability for organization, program and team levels. At this free seminar we offer best-practices and recommendation.

agilr simulator

Agile Simulator

Using Effix’s Lean-Agile Simulator artefacts and a case, this 2½ hour session offers you great insight into Maturity Modelling, viable Lean-Agile Methodologies; and a workable approach for turning strategy into prioritized epics/projects in 2 month.

Training and Coaching

We can help you deal with that little “bump” of frustration and get you back on the smooth route towards continuous development. 

Agile teams are supported by a scrum master who helps overcoming issues and obstacles. Sometimes, the team may need help from an “outsider” to assist to set direction and execute towards team objectives. 


Agile Maturity

We can help you in assessing how agile your business currently is, and where a positive impact is best created. 

You tap into a well documented and tested process that provides you with a maturity roadmap, metrics and growth paths. You get access to maturity assessment tools on team, organization and enterprise levels.

Implementing Agile

We can train, support and implement Agile and/or SAFe. We are not religious about methods, they all have flaws but we do believe in agile in creating results.

How we do it ? Always in connection with projects. Nothings sticks more that trying the benefits on your own mind.