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On this page we share reflections, thoughts, and hands-on experience from our endeavors within business transformation projects, digitalization journeys, and implementation of Agile ways of working. We hope our learnings will inspire you to create value in your own organizational setting.

Organizational Change Management Team

Organizing your organizational change

The key to your success when undertaking Transformation projects is likely to be a change in human behavior. Therefore, it is crucial that you invest time, money, and resources in organizational change management activities: Sponsorship mobilization. Organizational design. Continuous change communication. Training in the needed skillset. Reinforcement of the desired behavior. The list is lengthy

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Enterprise Business Agility – a lay of the land

In the beginning of October, Scaled Agile released its SAFe 5.0 Framework. The updated framework places enhanced emphasis on Enterprise Business Agility, stating that it “…lets you capitalize on emerging opportunities by empowering you to make quick decisions, allocate money, and align the right people to do the work”. So what is Enterprise Business Agility

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